Hello, I'm Eren.

I'm a Frontend Developer

I love React since 2020
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🛠️ Personal Projects

TypeScriptNextJSNodeJSReact Native


Logging & analytics from the future.

WebTypeScriptOpen SourceNextJSMongoDB


Take notes, write todos and create your own workspaces.

AndroidOpen SourceReact NativeNodeJSMongoDB


Topla is an Android app, main target is for practicing basic algebra speed.


More to come

These are just my small projects yet. Bigger ones are on their way! Also theres more little projects i am working on GitHub which you can visit them by clicking this card.

🙌 About Me

I'm a passionate software developer working as a Frontend Developer and currently located in Istanbul, Turkey. I've always loved visual stuff. I started off with making motion graphics for various customers and i was interested into programming, which i was building Windows Forms via VisualBasic and working with C# back then. After sometime later, i started merging my design and programming skills together and i discovered JavaScript nearly 3 years ago and TypeScript nearly 2 years ago.

👋 Say Hello

Send me a hi message from Twitter or send me an email to meet! I will answer any of your questions, 24/7 no fees.
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